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We believe that, through storytelling in African languages, we can contribute to the happiness and prosperity of Africans. The TAQA App is a digital library of illustrated children’s audiobooks in all 11 official South African spoken languages. We aim to change the way in which literature and education have been presented to African children by bringing stories to African children in their own languages. In this way, through stories in a familiar tongue, children can grow a love affinity for reading, listening and storytelling, while also growing their competence in their mother tongues

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Improve your child's reading abilities

Developing reading skills is vital for future success.

African stories in African languages 

African stories tailored for African children.

Exploring our rich history and identities

Grow a love for their mother tongue through rich stories.

It takes a village to raise a child

Let us introduce your child
to stories about their history
and identity whilst growing
their love for reading.  


For all devices and screens

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