Our Why

We believe languages are far more than just a medium of instruction, they are holders of the spirit, thought, imagination, and history of a people. The loss of a language is not just the loss of an easily replaceable medium of instruction, it is the loss of libraries, imagination, histories, and entire identities.


Our Vision

To make knowledge accessible to everyone by using technology to increase access and eliminate language as a barrier.

Democratise knowledge!


Our Mission

Africa is the only continent in which the majority of students study in a language other than their mother tongue.
African children are not given a fair opportunity to gain knowledge of themselves, their histories as well as other knowledge in the school system.

TAQA's mission is to address 3 root causes of this:

• Language Barrier
• Lack of access to reading material    
• Under representation of African cultures and histories


Our Solution

The TAQA App is a digital library of illustrated children’s audiobooks in all 11 official South African spoken languages.

Our digital library of illustrative stories with read along functionality and audio components can help children grow competent in reading whilst also developing a love for literature through stories written about them in their mother tongues. 



Qhawe Buhle Batandwa Bula

Qhawe Buhle Batandwa Bula

Chief Executive Officer

Akholiwe Fetsha

Akholiwe Fetsha

Chief Financial Officer

Aphendulwe Ngqola

Aphendulwe Ngqola

Chief Operating Officer

Tsepang Khoboko


Chief Strategy and Technology Officer


Our Achievements

  • Nation Builder Social Innovation Challenge 2018 Top 10
  • EDHE Intervarsity Western Cape Regional Champions 2020 (Nationals in November)
  • Selected for the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business ‘Venture Exploitation Program’ 2020
  • Selected for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation ‘Innovation-Validation-Creation’ program for 2020. 
  • Selected for the African Innovation Fellowship 2020, run by WomENG and the Royal Academy for Engineers.


For all devices and screens

The Taqa App is still in development and will be released soon. Subscribe below to get the latest updates from our team. 

Taqa stories in African languages

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